About Us

Future Spin is a professional bike transfer service started by André Steenkamp in 2000. As a former professional cyclist who has won several local events, André knows how important it is to have your bike sent to races without changing the setup in any way. He also realised that there are other cyclists out there who doesn’t have time to drive their bikes to events and started offering to transport bikes to races.

Today, Future Spin Bike Transfers can safely transport bikes without changing the setup in any way. We also pride ourselves in the fact that our method of transporting bikes in individually wrapped covers has proved to cause less damage to your bike than any other service out there. Our trucks, which can accommodate up to 200 bicycles per event, are carefully chosen to ensure as little movement as possible on our precious cargo.

As a family owned business, each member of our team understands the importance of looking after your bicycle during transport. We also drive our trucks personally and stop often to inspect our cargo and vehicles to make sure that your bike will reach it’s destination safely.

When we are not transporting bicycles, we can be found working as lifestyle missionaries from our motor home. Here, André and his wife live our their passion to educate people regarding living a sustainable plant-based lifestyle. Their findings are recorded on his personal blog, www.you-make-the-choice.com.

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